Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Senegal and the world cup

Location : Curacao

I don't follow football. At all so I'm not really sure if Senegal took part in the 2002 Football world cup. But they sure did come out with a series on the cup. This is the first of the series and shows the world cup and the footbal over a stadium floating in the universe as if out of something you read in a Duglous Adams Novel.

One thing I have not been able to figure out is that the cost of the stamp is 290 + 50. I'm not sure what that means? Does it mean that if Sengal doesn't make it to the finals, we all have to pay 50 extra?

PS : Cheers All! Thanks for the comment everyone.

Eric From Jura : Sad that the stamps were not cancelled. Will send you another from Panama. They cancel it out so much you will be hard pressed to find a stamp underneath! :) Regd you seeing a snap of my ship, I write a regular blog called the "Bills
of lading" which you can usually go by following a link on the right of this page. These days I have taken the page out of circulation for a while. Once I put it back up, you can see all the pictures of the ship and the sea and the birds and all.

Alexander : Glad you got the Paquebot and glad you liked it. My address is also on the right of this web page. you can send the mail there. I will see it in a couple of months. You can send me miniatures on , Military, comics, Dinosaurs, fishes or ships.

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Eric from Jura said...

Thanks Velu for sending me a new paquebot mail from Panama !!
I'll visit your other blog with pleasure, in order to understand what you feel during this long trip :-)