Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Togo - The end of war

Location - Off Curacao

The last few days have been passing very fast. I must be having a lot of fun because the Atlantic seemed to be a much smaller place this time around.

Anyway tonight find me drifting off Curacao waiting to go in. At the end of the voyage, its kind of fitting to put up this sheet for you people. I sadly don't speak french, but many of you do so you will probably know more about these.

The main Sheet claims it to be the 50th year anniversary (1945 - 1995) of the end of the Guerre Mondial, which I assume must mean the World War & shows the English Churchill tanks crossing the Rhine into Berlin.

The top left stamp is nice and fits into my Aeroplane collection. It is apparently the "La luftwaffe Lance une attaque finale desesperee"

The next one to it is about the allies gaining supremacy in the Atlantic.

The third one is about "Le pont ludendorf est pris intact". I think it is about capturing something lookling like a bridge intact.

The final stamp in the series is about the Katyusha Russian missiles hitting Berlin.

The russians are again active in the bottom row of stamps with their tanks rolling into berlin and by something sad in the next stamp which describes the scene as "Les Russes reprennent Varsovie devastee"

The bottom end are about peace with the left bottom announcing the Italian Cessesation of hostilities in the "Ravagee par la guerre", & the bottom left showing us the flag of the UN.

I'm not sure that we've actually stopped fighting since. Lets hope one day we actually do and stamps such as these become obsolete.

PS: Cheers all. Thanks for the comments Lefung & Yukiko. Good to see that the Dakar & Lome cards are reaching. The people on the mailing list are going to remain. If anyone else would like a card / Paquebot / cover from Curacao / Panama / Chile /
Nicaragua / Honduras , drop in a comment here with your address.


JP said...

Dear Friend
Thank you for the Paquebot Cover, to bad one of the stamp got here torn up.
I've sent you one souvenir sheet from Portugal in exchange. Hope you like it!
If you can please continue to send me other paquebot and also nice covers from the exotic places you visit! I bet you have lots of fun there, don't you? Thank you.
Best regards
J Prazeres

Eric from Jura said...

Hi Velu,

I've received yesterday your nice Paquebot mail, many thanks !
But unfortunately, the 2 stamps from Netherlands antilles are not cancelled..I don't know why...
I'll send you soon some nice stamps !
Is it possible for you to show us a picture of the ship on which you travel ?
Thanks !