Thursday, December 20, 2007

Curacao - More Frans Hals

Location - Coasting Columbia - 10 36 N, 077 16W

Since we started off with Frans Hals, it seems only correct to show you the other stamps released by the NA (Netherland Antilles) in his name. I think it is safe to say that the image of the mach man has changed considerable since the times of Frans Hals.

PS: Cheers All:

George - Not to worry. Will be sending you a Paquebot from Panama, did not send you a cover from Curacao because I didn't send any Paquebots from there. Best Wishes for the new year to you too.

Gem - Thanks for the comment. Hope you get the cards soon.

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Gem from Calgary said...

Hi Velu,I received your postcard from Senegal today. Thanks very much. A card from Senegal certainly adds to my worldwide collection. I look forward to others that you may send. Take care and Merry Christmas.
Glenn(Gem), Calgary,Canada