Monday, December 3, 2007

Togo - Dino #5 & Post all

Location - Senegal

Finally we see a mean looking dinosaurs, I had previously classified Dinosaurs as either "Eaten" or the "Eating" types. The Coelophysis definitely seems to belong to the latter group. Watch out from those mean looking claws and sharp teeth!

PS: Cheers All! post call Ex Senegal:

Paquebot mail :
Alexander - Russia - Got your address in time. Paquebot on the way.
Kalpana - Germany
Eric from Jura - France
Mr Prazeres - Portugal

Lefung - Malaysia

Post Cards:
George - Taiwan - Sorry ran out of Paquebot stamps this port. Did send you a card from here & one also from Togo.
Gem - Canada - Got your address just in time. Postcard on the way.
Kalpana - Germany
Lenka - Czech Rep
Cotard Stephane - France
Ms Yan Wu - US
Charlie - Thailand
Yukiko - Germany
J - India

Please drop a comment once you get them.

PPS : Eric Bruth - Thanks for the comment. Sorry could not send you a cover from Senegal, but did send you a cover from Togo. Hope you get it. Plus I'm not sure if your sheet made it to Home. Hopefully it will. Thanks for putting up my paquebot on your
blog. Will check it up once I get online in a month. Cheers & good health!


Gem from Calgary said...

Hi Velu,
Thanks very much for the postcard. I'll look for it soon. By the way, I want to add a link to your blog , on my blog, if that is ok with you. I will wait to hear your ok.
Cheers, Glenn , Gem from Canada

Anonymous said...

Hi Velu,

Thanks a lot for the Paquebot mail and the postcard you have sent out to me. We are going to India on 15th and I do hope I get it before that.
BTW have you by any chance any news about the letter I posted to you from the Sindelfingen stamp exhibition ?? I had given it to the French Post people there to post it from Paris and its' registered post.


Yukiko said...

Hi Velu, thank you for sending me a card again. In the past I sent you letters from Germany and Luxembourg. Will look for your requested stamps in Japan when I arrive there. Take care! Yukiko

Anonymous said...

Hi Velu. I would love to receive a Paquebot cover and send you a miniature sheet in return from Iceland. Here's my address:

Benedikt G. Waage
Kleppsvegur 134
104 Reykjavik

Eric from Jura said...

many thanks Velu for the paquebot mail :-))
I'll tell you when I'll receive it.
I'll send you soon a little surprise from France...

lefung said...

Thanks for the cover. Will let you know when i receive it.

JP said...

Thanks for the paquebot mail.
I'll let you know when I receive it.
Best regards
J Prazeres

Yukiko said...

Hi Velu,
I received your nice card from Senegal today. Hope you are doing well. By the way, when will you be back to India??
I will try to find the stamps you requested in Japan :-) Yukiko

Lenka said...

Hi Velu,
little bit late, however, I am here to tell you that a postcard from Senegal arrived on 13. 12. - thanks a lot! Don't have many greetings from this continent :-)

lefung said...

Hello, Just receive the cover from Dakar Senegal, Will upload the cover to my blog soon. Really thanks. It take around 1month to reach here, but luckily finally it reach.Thanks a lots. Happy New Year!