Thursday, September 27, 2007


Location : Equator , Equador pacific coast

We crossed the Equator an hour back and so I am Officially in the southern Hemisphere now. In view of that & the fact that I am coasting South America right now, I am showing you this cover from Brazil that Tito from Serjipe Brazil was kind enough to
send my way.

I am not sure what these stamps represent. The first stamp on the right shows the trumpet. I guess this must be one of the series of stamp on Musical instruments. The Second and third stamps are ones that seem to be cartoons themed on the working
people. The second stamps seems to represent Tailors (Costureira??) & the third Cobblers (Sapateiro) & the final stamp seems to be on education or something like that.

The postmark on the envelope is really nice & clear. It says "ACF - JARDINS ARACAJU-SE" . Its always a pleasure to see such clear postmarks.

It would have been great to have gone south of the Americas & visit Brazil but we'll stop our southeard voyage at Chile. Lets hope I can grab some stamps from there to show you people.

Thanks Tito.

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