Saturday, September 29, 2007

Max Schemeling

Location : Ecuador Coast : 04 54 S / 081 32 W

After yesterdays remark about the nice postmark, I wanted to show you all a nice postmark that I remembered seeing a few days back. I finall found it & its there for you to see. The stamp itself is nice and seems to be on the German Boxer (I assume)Max
Schemeling, who was around from 1905-2005 . I suppose the German Govt brought out the stamp as a tribute on his death.

It is the postmark that is very nice here & might actually be of the Philatelic dept & to be used on a different FDC. The Writing on the Stamp says "Briefzentrum 30 Hanaover" & below is the picture of a building of the Gothic style. I'm not entirely
sure of what all that means & stuck in the middle of the ocean with no google at hand is not likely to resolve the issue.

But the mark is nice nevertheless.

BTW, I did manage to post Paquebot letters to a few of you out there. I wonder if they will reach you ever. :)

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mieke said...

Hi Velu!
It was stamped in Hannover (a big town south of Hamburg) and a Briefzentrum means something like major post-distributionoffice, with a distribution function for a rather large area (larger than Hannover itself). A "Brief" is a letter in English. There's some explanation about Briefzentrums and their division all over Germany in here, Wikipedia:
Unfortunately for you it's all in German, but you can see that the number 30 belongs to this facility in the Hannover area.

I have Google at hand so I did my best to find out what exactly the large building is. But in vain, I'm afraid. It isn't the (old) town hall, nor the main building of the Hannover University and I couldn't think of anything else there to look for. Also, it could be a building that didn't survive WW II...

Among all of my relatives I must be the only one who never collected stamps, but it sure is nice to scroll this blog of yours :)