Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Japanese Railways - final set

Further to my post of yesterday, I wanted to show you the final set of the Steam Engine Stamps that Yamato had sent across to me. These stamps you will probably see in greater detail then the last snap of the two sets.

I have been to Japan of course a few times but never really roamed much in the countryside. When I used to go to Japan in the cargo ships in the 1990's, we would stay in ports like Yokohama & Nagoya for up to four days. The best part of Japan was that
they used to work only two shifts. So you would have the night shift from 2000 Hrs to 0600Hrs without cargo. Once we got together with a bulk carrier in front of us & played a game of Cricket in one of their empty hatches. It was a grand game and we
were totally routed. But then they were good hosts & great many toasts were raised in the cool night of Nagoya.

It was a good night in a good country.

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