Thursday, September 27, 2007

Bugs Bunny

Location : Pacific Ecuador coast

Now that we are out of the Panama waters we can move on with their stamps & come back to the neat stuff you all have sent to me.

Featured above is the Miniature sheet of Bugs Bunny that I recd from US. The USPS released this sheet & others from the same house like Daffy duck etc, primarily to focus on the kids & inspire them to collect stamps. That probably is the reason that
even this sheet is a sticker stamp. Something that you just peel off & stick on to an envelope. While this does seem very convenient, it does irritate me. I think I have vented on this practice before & I think the Postal services should refrain from
doing so in future.

But lets talk about the stamp itself. The stamp itself is a smaller copy of the Miniature sheet & shows Bugs eating one of his trademark carrot. The carrot is probably stolen from poor Elmo's garden. Elmo, the chap who achieved instant fame & fortune
by coming at the end of the shows & saying "That's all folks", is also featured in another stamp.

And as a tribute the the postal service I guess they have Bugs reclining on the post box. I am given to understand that houses in the United states have these mail boxes fixed on the porches. I suppose that as the postman drops a letter, he lifts the
flap in the upright position to let the people inside the house know from within that there is some mail waiting for them in their box. This is a very interesting contraption & sadly even though I have been numerous times to the US, I am yet to witness
such a device. I wonder if they have such mailboxes in other parts of the world

Of course coming to the best part of the miniature - Bugs autographed it himself on the bottom right. :)

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mieke said...

Let's give Bugs Bunny a funny friend here right on this blog! A cartoon friend that celebrated its 50th birthday back in 2003, in Belgium. But no matter its age, it's still very much alive and kickin'!

Let's celebrate with the Marsupilami :))

It's a picture of the 50 € cents stamp, in a series of stamps that the Belgians then issued on the occasion of the Marsupilami's special anniversary.
Honestly, I happen to know lots of animal species and an impressive number of cartoon creatures as well. But if it comes down to fun, amazement and a jolly good laugh none of them can beat the Marsupilami, ever! And in case reincarnation proves to be a fact (a possibility), I've promised myself I'll go search for that special planet where all the Marsupilamis live happily together, full of mischief and laughter! :)