Monday, September 24, 2007


Location : Panama

Yesterday as I came into Panama, I got my hands on a few stamps and postcards to send out to friends & family. And since am in Panama, I've shown you one of their stamps. This is a stamp of a train engine that by the inscription below (the bit that I
can understand) is from the period of 1855.

This does look a lot like the locomotive that they use these days in the canal locks. Probably these were the sort of engines that were used when the canal opened way back in 1913.

By some strange co-incidence, or probably there are a lot of these around, I seem to be accumlating as lot of tranin pictures. Maybe I should organise them into a collection as well.


Pedro said...
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Pedro said...

It is written on the stamp: Panamá's trains, the first and shortest transcontinental in the world 1855.
Good luck and have a nice trip!