Saturday, September 1, 2007

Spider-Man Stamps

GPS Position : 32 41N , 079 44W

Let us look at another set of superhero stamps since they were fixed on the same envelope that Laura had sent across. The envelope picked up a little dirt in the corner, but I didn't cut it off. I think the superheroes need to get themselves dirty once
in a while. J

The set has this to speak about the Comic cover art:
"Amazing Spiderman : #1 , March 1963. Art By Jack Kirby & Steve Ditko. Peter begins to worry about money now that Uncle Ben is gone. The first headline warning readers about the "Spider man Menace" runs in the Daily Bugle. And Gullible old Aunt May
gets drawn into complaining about that "horrible Spiderman"

This cover also features the Fantastic four. They seem to be the only superheros featured in two of the stamps.

To be frank I used to like Spider-Man before the movies came out. There was a time when we could trust superheroes. These days they seem to be fighting their personal demons more then the ones out there. Spider-man seems to keep moping about some thing
or the other. Superman in the new movie isn't any better. And our "Manly monster" Hulk was the most depressing superhero portrayed on screen.

Give me a break! You are a superhero. Pick up that school bus & hit someone on the head with it!

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