Sunday, September 2, 2007

Czech cartoon postage stamps

Posted at sea : 32 49 N, 079 56 W

Enough of the capitalist super heros of the west. Let us today look at cartoons of the Czech Republic. These stamps were also sent to me by Lenka. If you remember, I had earlier put up an stamp of the Dinosaur that he had sent. Lenka Assures me that
these cartoons are popular in his homeland, but I sadly don't have much info about them. But I do recollect seeing movie cartoons of the mole on the right as a kid. In the eighties, the cartoons available in India were still a lot from the USSR & I do
remember the silent cartoons with the mole going about his daily life.

So thanks for the card & the stamps Lenka. J

PS: Please note the nice Praha postmark.

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