Saturday, September 22, 2007

The underwater panaroma

Location : Panama Anchorage

My much missed wife finally joined me on board the ship. Apart from all the other good things that resulted from that, one of the good things was that I also got a huge pile of correspondence, from you good people, that had piled at home.

I must say that I am very gratified by the nice stamps & stuff that I received & thank you all.

One of the stunning sheets that I received from my "newly good friend" from Thailand, Charlie, is put up with this post.

I do a bit of Scuba diving as well and even otherwise, this is a great sheet. Seen in the sheet are in the clockwise direction (only the species that I recognised), the manta Rays, Groupers, Napoleon fish (??), puffer fish, Octopus, Leopard Shark & a
Sea Turtle. And in the middle row we have the beautiful Sail fish & the Scorpion Fish (??). I have some great snap of this one in my comp some where. Let me see if I can dig it up later for you all.

So thanks again you all. And Charlie, your sheet is already on the way. Hope you get it soon.

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