Sunday, September 23, 2007

Snow white

Location : - Panama

In the recent snaps that I received, Gabor from Hungary sent me a lot of stamps on Hungarian aeroplanes & fishes. Also in that nice pile was a stamp on Snow white. Featured in the stamp are the Snow white & the Seven dwarfs. I must admit rather
shamefacedly that I am not very sure how this story goes. Let me go over it a bit.

There is of course an queen. She is this evil queen who is very vain. And she has a mirror. Which tells her that she is the fairest of them all. But not on one day when it says that snow white is the fairest of them all. The Queen then poisons Snow
white. With a red apple I think it was. Then the story gets a little foggy. snow white lies in a stupor and is tended to by seven dwarfs. I think she is sleeping and then a price kisses her. Or was that Sleeping Beauty? Regardless, there is a Handsome
Prince & there is a Kiss. And there is happily ever after.

That is the story of Snow White. Or as much of it as I know.

Thank you again Gabor. I sent something nice for you from Curacao.

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